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Since the spread of Covid-19, in fact, leaving home for work, need or leisure, has become more risky, sometimes even reason for assessment and reflection: thus, the mask, the continuous sanitization of the hands and the social distancing have become the new normality.

As we know, one of the worst consequences of the pandemic – excluding, of course, health problems – is the enormous damage caused by the lockdown to many sectors of the market, from catering to local shops, from gyms to cinemas, and so on to events.

How to move in the events sector at the time of Covid-19

Events are, by definition, a way of attracting people and creating aggregation (today we would say gathering…). If we look at them from this point of view, the only appropriate solution seems to be to avoid them, to postpone them to a later date or to cancel them.

Instead, the recent Venice Festival and the fashion shows in Milan, have shown us that the event market does not stop, if carried forward with intelligence and attention.

But not only that: if we want to look on the positive side, we can even go so far as to say that the modes of development have expanded, because in addition to those in the presence it has become almost “natural” to propose online events. And both these modes require an organizational effort both from the point of view of management, both from the point of view of cost controlling.

Before organizing an event in the presence, it is necessary to verify the contagion situation in the area of interest. There are less affected areas and high risk areas and this must always be taken into account during the first steps in the choice of the location.

Establishing a standard security protocol to be followed, so as to have clear lines both from the point of view of the organization, and from that of immediate resolution of any problems – which is another fundamental point. Also for this reason, Event Managers have to collaborate with an Event Covid Manager, a figure usually borrowed from the health environment and specialized in risk assessment and problem solving.

For the success of an event it is also necessary to take care of participants not only within the dedicated space, but also in the surrounding areas, to facilitate the flow of entry and exit and to avoid that social distancing occurs only during the event.

Today, however, there is a comfortable and cost-effective alternative to this type of event, which is – as we said before – virtual realization. In this case, good management and optimization of the online platform and production team through which the event will take shape is important, allowing thousands of users to connect simultaneously. At home, at work, while you are out: an online event can be followed wherever a connection arrives and often also allows real-time communication, via messages or microphone, between participants and spectators.

Let’s not forget, then, the not negligible advantage of being able to enjoy it in deferred, almost impossible eventuality (unless a live recording) for the classic ones.

The value of the production advisor in the evaluation of online and offline events

In the event industry, carefully evaluating costs is always important, but it becomes even more so now, where the elements to be kept under control are many more.

VA Consulting – Advertising Production Advisory with offices in Milan and Rome led by Alessandro Arbitrio – follows its Italian and international clients in this respect, helping them also through risk production assessment, that is the study of contractual clauses to protect the customer, in case of, for instance, cancellation or postponement.

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