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It’s a wrap at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity! A whirlwind of innovative ideas, valuable connections, and inspiration for a more inclusive, sustainable, transparent and AI-driven future of marketing. 

We had the privilege of immersing ourselves in a week of world-class networking, learning, and creativity. Our leadership team – COO Stefano Arbitrio, CBO Fabio Arbitrio, and CPO Alessandra Pasquini – A heartfelt thank you to everyone who engaged in insightful conversations and meaningful connections throughout the event. Your presence and participation were instrumental in making this experience truly enriching. 

Stefano Arbitrio, Partner and COO at VA Consulting, commented, “our experience at Cannes Lions went beyond celebrating exceptional talent and creativity. It was a dynamic hub for learning, sparking surprise with fresh ideas, and staying ahead of the curve on emerging innovations – particularly those centered on #Inclusivity, #AI, #Trasparency and #Sustainability. It offered a valuable space to reconnect with industry peers and build new connections, all while shaping the #future of marketing through #Creativity and #Innovation.

We’re excited to continue the conversation! Let’s connect anywhere and share your key takeaways from #CannesLions.

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