Vitaliano Arbitrio, Founder

VA was founded in 1994 by Vitaliano Arbitrio who, after 24 years of producing TVC for numerous brands such as Unilever, Nestlé, P&G, Fiat, Barilla, Ferrero but he wanted to do something more for companies.

During the 80s he was President of the Italian Advertising Body up to ’90 when he started to help his clients overseeing spot TV. In 2005, Alessandro Arbitrio joined the firm bringing 20 years experience at IBM as an expert in digital transformation. The firm changed quite a bit from ’90 when Vitaliano only helped clients with TV commercials.

Now, we help clients maximize investments in any type of investments – including agency management, trade, media, TVC, digital, technology, social media, print, radio, OOH, PoS, event, PR & experiential. Since VA started, we were advising globally.

Since ’90, we have been on a mission to help clients maximize the value of their investments and get the finest quality at the best possible cost.

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