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At VA we help Marketers navigate the complexity of Marketing Technology and its ever-expanding scale and scope. We enable you to leverage technology to support your team better, bringing intelligence and automation to your campaign delivery and insight from your data. Ultimately, we enable you to create greater returns on your marketing investment through building best-in-class Marketing Technology solutions.

Enterprise System-6 implementation

Implementing processes, procedures, RAM, database tools plus purchasing strategies intended to collected data and to achieve the best cost-quality relationship. This is the key to implement the governance to clients to improve the efficiency.

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Marketing Technology Transformation

Identification of technological opportunities within the marketing division to improve efficiency and governance. Identifying existing platforms or supporting the development of new ones. Roll-out support.

Marketing Technology Selection

Support in the identification of a set of appropriate technology vendors and then the rational selection of that vendor to deliver the business and functional requirements. This includes support in the negotiation process.

Marketing Technology Optimisation

Evaluation of existing technology, analysis of client requirements, advice in improving the existing and roll-out support.

Marketing Technology Implementation

Establish a full project structure and governance and then provide project management through to delivery of the technology in a ‘run’ state.

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