Ebiquity and VA Consulting together for a new integrated #media and #creative pitch service.

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Ebiquity, active in the media consultancy sector, and VA Consulting (marketing investment optimisation) have created a new integrated service capable of linking media and creative pitches. This new service – unique at European level – came about as a result of the need on the part of more and more clients to have a single partner capable of providing them with all-round support, capable of carrying out a coherent search for agencies, taking care of the governance of the media and/or creative pitch, guaranteeing transparency and dealing with the normalisation of offers for comparability and advice on contracts.

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VA Consulting expands its optimization services on Trade and Store Promotion activities

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VA Consulting, a Marketing Production Consultancy company operating in all areas of advertising ATL (creative agencies, productions, post-production, etc.), BTL (Pos, events, etc.), TTL (Social media and Digital) and Digital transformation (e-commerce, website, CRM etc.), confirms its commitment to expanding its marketing investment optimization services in the Trade and Store Promotion areas.

“We help companies to coordinate the company departments involved in the process of selecting and evaluating the participants in the pitch in order to have an organic picture of the activity to be contracted that is functional to the company’s values, making costs efficient according to the objectives.

Normally, the complexity of the activities to be put in place goes beyond the competence of the individual functions, and there is a risk that the criterion of choice is only the lowest cost, leaving out other aspects that are becoming fundamental.

More and more, in fact, companies need partners who collaborate consistently with their code of ethics, following the guidelines of their social report but at the same time perform their duties with quality and effectiveness, it is no longer just a problem of lower cost, the vision HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) is now essential and can not be disconnected from the company.

All services that are entrusted to external partners will be increasingly analyzed by stakeholders and shareholders from the ethical point of view, of their consistency with ESG models and sustainability in general; it is therefore no longer acceptable an analysis that focuses purely on the cost without knowing what happens in the last ‘mile’, where the company strongly risks its image,” explains in the note Roberto La Rosa, Head of Trade analysis services.

Thanks to its network VA Consulting is able to address national and international clients and is able to support the whole process also for SMEs that need ad hoc structure and know-how.

It’s with this continuous evolution of technologies and services that the company led by CEO Alessandro Arbitrio, continues the press note, strengthens its role, combining deep knowledge in the production field to more and more accurate and innovative analysis tools. So in 2022 the commitment to understand and anticipate trends is confirmed, to allow its customers to control and improve processes aimed at maximizing the marketing budgets available.

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VA Consulting expands its optimization services on CRM activities

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VA Consulting, a Marketing Production Consultancy company operating in all areas of advertising ATL (creative agencies, productions, post-production, etc.), BTL (Pos, events, etc.), TTL (Social media and Digital) and DX (Digital transformation), confirms its commitment to expanding its marketing investment optimization services in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) area.

“We are able to control and optimize complex CRM projects, so as to ensure the usability of data for the execution of various business processes in order to meet the ever-increasing investments of our customers in this area. This is not just about analyzing the creativity of DEM or Newsletters, this type of creative control and realization activity is part of our traditional services”.

Thanks to its network, VA Consulting is able to address national and international brands.

“To provide these services, we need expertise in various areas ranging from data architecture to Business Intelligence and Continuous Process Improvement to enable CRM to do trade-union operations across the several areas of the company” says Carlo Degirolamo, head of CRM analysis services.

It is with this continuous evolution of technologies and services that the company led by CEO Alessandro Arbitrio strengthens its role, combining deep knowledge in the production field to increasingly timely and innovative analysis tools.

Thus, in 2022, the commitment to understand and anticipate trends is confirmed, in order to allow its clients to control and improve the processes to maximize the marketing budget available.

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MCA and VA Consulting Join Forces

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As MCA’s founder and CEO Pat Murphy connects with Alessandro Arbitrio’s Italian-based VA Consulting, the pair tell LBB why the move represents part of a fundamental shift in the global production landscape.

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VA Consulting announces the search & selection supplier module for advertising campaigns in all areas

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The Production Advisory & Cost Control company confirms also in 2021 investments in the expansion of the Enterprise System Sics suite

VA Consulting announces an expansion of its Enterprise System Sics suite 

VA Consulting, a Production Advisory & Cost Control company operating in all areas of advertising ATL (creative agencies, productions, post-production, etc.), BTL (Pos, events, etc.), TTL (Social media and Digital) and (DX) Digital transformation, enriches its Enterprise System-Sics suite with a CSS component (Creativity Company Search & Selection).

In April VA Consulting released a new module developed to expand and complement the services offered for research and selection not only of communication agencies, but also of operators in the creative field such as companies of production, postproduction, music production, 3D, Sustainability, Brand naming, events, Posm, Digital and Social campaigns, (DX) digital transformation, etc.

It is well known that the first step in choosing a creative agency is the research according to the campaign or activities that you intend to carry out.

The CSS module has been developed exactly to make this research quick and effective both at a national and international level and for campaigns on a full scale. To the present day, there are over 300 suppliers surveyed by VA Consulting.

The System-Sics | CSS also allows VA to effectively and quickly assist its own customers in the competitions of creative agencies, in the optimization of the whole suppliers and their price lists, in the search for new operators, always with the aim of improving their own advertising campaigns with the best companies in the sector.

It is with these tools that the company led by Alessandro Arbitrio strengthens its role, combining deep knowledge in the productive field with extremely innovative analysis tools.

The various tools have never ceased to be refined and evolved, since 2009 when the first modules of the Enterprise System-Sics were created – JOB (for real-time monitoring and reporting of marketing campaigns) and AWF (workflow tool with which VA approves and classifies about 7000 estimates per year), to which later were added Kolb (Influencer benchmarking tool) and FRC (FTE Ratecard Calculator).

So, even in 2021, VA Consulting confirms its commitment to understand and anticipate trends, to allow its own customers to control and improve processes in order to maximize the available marketing budgets. Always be one step ahead with and for its own customers.

VA Consulting Vitaliano Alessandro Arbitrio production advisor Cost controller
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Engage Magazine: Organizing events online and live today – VA Consulting – Alessandro Arbitrio – Production Consultancy

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Since the spread of Covid-19, in fact, leaving home for work, need or leisure, has become more risky, sometimes even reason for assessment and reflection: thus, the mask, the continuous sanitization of the hands and the social distancing have become the new normality.

As we know, one of the worst consequences of the pandemic – excluding, of course, health problems – is the enormous damage caused by the lockdown to many sectors of the market, from catering to local shops, from gyms to cinemas, and so on to events.

How to move in the events sector at the time of Covid-19

Events are, by definition, a way of attracting people and creating aggregation (today we would say gathering…). If we look at them from this point of view, the only appropriate solution seems to be to avoid them, to postpone them to a later date or to cancel them.

Instead, the recent Venice Festival and the fashion shows in Milan, have shown us that the event market does not stop, if carried forward with intelligence and attention.

But not only that: if we want to look on the positive side, we can even go so far as to say that the modes of development have expanded, because in addition to those in the presence it has become almost “natural” to propose online events. And both these modes require an organizational effort both from the point of view of management, both from the point of view of cost controlling.

Before organizing an event in the presence, it is necessary to verify the contagion situation in the area of interest. There are less affected areas and high risk areas and this must always be taken into account during the first steps in the choice of the location.

Establishing a standard security protocol to be followed, so as to have clear lines both from the point of view of the organization, and from that of immediate resolution of any problems – which is another fundamental point. Also for this reason, Event Managers have to collaborate with an Event Covid Manager, a figure usually borrowed from the health environment and specialized in risk assessment and problem solving.

For the success of an event it is also necessary to take care of participants not only within the dedicated space, but also in the surrounding areas, to facilitate the flow of entry and exit and to avoid that social distancing occurs only during the event.

Today, however, there is a comfortable and cost-effective alternative to this type of event, which is – as we said before – virtual realization. In this case, good management and optimization of the online platform and production team through which the event will take shape is important, allowing thousands of users to connect simultaneously. At home, at work, while you are out: an online event can be followed wherever a connection arrives and often also allows real-time communication, via messages or microphone, between participants and spectators.

Let’s not forget, then, the not negligible advantage of being able to enjoy it in deferred, almost impossible eventuality (unless a live recording) for the classic ones.

The value of the production advisor in the evaluation of online and offline events

In the event industry, carefully evaluating costs is always important, but it becomes even more so now, where the elements to be kept under control are many more.

VA Consulting – Advertising Production Advisory with offices in Milan and Rome led by Alessandro Arbitrio – follows its Italian and international clients in this respect, helping them also through risk production assessment, that is the study of contractual clauses to protect the customer, in case of, for instance, cancellation or postponement.

VA Consulting Vitaliano Alessandro Arbitrio production advisory Cost control
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E-COMMERCE: Governance of the agency pitch and the safety of the architecture proposed by VA Consulting – Arbitrio – Production Consultant

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Nowadays, choosing the right agency to entrust with the creation of its own e-commerce is more important than ever for any company: these are the suggestions of VA Consulting in order to do it at best.

The lockdown period linked to Covid-19 has led to reconsider many aspects of people’s life and of business; and changes have not always been negative.

For instance, in contrast with the general trend, some market sectors have experienced a real growth boom: just think about the food and pharmaceutical ones.

In this regard, the changed users’ habits, including smart working and the greater amount of time spent consulting online contents, have recorded an increase of 20% in sales through website, leading many companies – the ones that had still not developed it – to consider adding an e-commerce platform to their website.


In a world affected by a crisis such as the ongoing one, arbitrarily trimming some sectors’ budget – without reconsidering how to relocate it – could turn out to be counterproductive, trying to get the best out of a situation like the contemporary one.

Actually, there are many companies that have cut their ATL/BTL communication (for instance for the participation to exhibitions and events, now cancelled) and that have decided to move a part of the budget intended for marketing in favour of the development of an e-commerce platform, bearing in mind that online sales are not only grown, but have involved cross-cutting sectors: from workout accessories to beauty, from food and drink to electronics, up to courses of all kinds.

To the present day, web agencies are perfectly able to develop an e-commerce platform in smart working and even an agency competition can be handled remotely, without postponement. In this case, it is fundamental to turn to a company specialized in production advisory & cost control that has the skills to support the client’s marketing department in the capacity of agency search and selection, taking care of the competition governance, to manage the relationships between client and web agency, to look at the offered service architecture, to evaluate the estimates and optimize costs.


So, why waste time? With a benchmark of reference, the Finance/Purchase department of a company will find easier to know how much money they have to earmark for the e-commerce development and how to best manage the cost. This result will be achieved also thanks to the supervision of a client-agency relationship manager, who knows how to evaluate the proposals of the participants in the competition.

Communication and sales through digital channels got a boost that will not stop at the end of the pandemic, but will become the most popular way to talk to its own target and to advertise and sell its own product.

VA Consulting, Advertising Production Advisory, with branches in Milan and Rome and customers all over the world, assist the companies in the good choice of the agency that will develop their e-commerce, in compliance with the timing, following the competition, evaluating participants and estimates, supervising the development of the platform, in such a manner that time, ways and budgets allocated are respected.

Thanks to owner tools such as System-SICS, VA Consulting always ensures a personalised approach, based on detailed analysis of the real needs and size of the client.

VA Consulting Vitaliano e-commerce Alessandro Arbitrio production advisory Cost control
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