Agency Management

We help define the right agency ecosystem to develop the best work, efficiently. We fix broken agency relationships. We find the best agencies, help you run pitches, select the best remuneration system and contracts. We ensure you get the best value from your investment in agency resources.


Creative Agency Ecosystems

Global or local agency search service using a proprietary tool and scoring model in any creativity areas. Assessment and numerical evaluation, reduction or optimization.

Production Reviews

Full review of the production structure, audit of current and future client deliverables, analysis of potential options (decoupling, offshore, in-house, etc).

Agency Scoping Tool

VA has developed a scoping tool to suite the marketing needs and to aim efficiency, transparency and governance

Agency Relationship Optimisation

The services and technologies offered by VA also aim a fundamental target: improving the relationship between customer and agency or supplier.

Creative Agency & Production Pitches

End to end management for selection of global class agencies, evaluation & scoring model in any creativity areas using a VA proprietary consolidated framework.

Agency Appraisal Tool (CSS)

The VA Agency Appraisal Tool enables advertisers to review and optimise their agency relationships in a simple and efficient way.

Agency Remuneration Tool (FRC)

The VA has developed a remuneration and KPI model for the agency fee proposal. In addition, the proprietary VA FRC tool is a standard de facto to benchmark the agency fee.

Audit Management

VA offers audit services on projects in all areas of creativity, giving its clients full control and transparency over their investment.

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