Agency Management

VA help create the right agency ecosystem to develop the best work, efficiently. We fix broken agency relationships. We find the best agencies, help you run pitches, select the best remuneration system and contracts. Ultimately, we ensure you get the best value from your investment in agency resources.  

Creative Agency Ecosystems

Development and optimisation of the agency ecosystem; how many agencies? Of what type? Producing what? Measured and paid how?

Production Reviews

Full review of the existing production structure, audit of current and future client deliverables, analysis of potential options (decoupling, offshore, in house, etc).

Agency Scoping Tool

VA have identified a marketing industry need to simplify and bring efficiency to the agency scoping process.

Agency Relationship Optimisation

We run “Get Fit” programs that intervene when agency relationships or performance has faltered and get rapidly improved performance.

Creative & Production Pitches

End to end process for selection of world class agencies, pitches, evaluation/scoring, marketing team support, industry best practice, scoping, selection, transition and measurement.

Agency Appraisal Tool (CSS)

The VA Agency Appraisal Tool enables advertisers to review and optimise their agency relationships in a simple and efficient way.

Agency Remuneration Tool (FRC)

We create new remuneration and bonus schemes, and implement them. This maximises return on agency fees and incentivises exceptional performance.

Audit Management

VA Consulting thanks to a deep experience checks all documents of the project to give you back a right riconciliation. VA also catalogs and stores the documents thanks using proprietary VA Technology Database making processes, procedures & documents compliant with internal and international audits.

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