Governance & Efficiency

VAnalysis is a process capable of providing a snapshot of your current landscape, highlighting areas where you may be at risk and enhancing opportunities to implement the governance and generate efficiency processes in order to estimate the impact on the business.
These data allow our team to develop a personalized strategy able to implement the governance and improve the efficiency of your company and to generate a significant production ROI.
At the end of our evaluation, VA can analyze our results with you by receiving a well-detailled report. Your report will be prepared by cost-production skilled experts.


VA Consulting may personalize our consultancy service to support your business demand.
Usually, our clients encharge us with a consultancy service in order to optimize day-by-day expense for each production project. In this way, our team can organize a data-base to allow us to supply you more defined strategical services.

Why? As a result of our daily interaction on single production projects and in order to improve our performance, VA analyzes the best solution to simplify process, to implement the governance to improve efficiency and adopt trend that can offer “second level” production strategies. System-SICS (Integrated Budget Control System) was development in 2006 and it is constantly evolving. Using System-6 it is possible to manage and control the approval flow and the income statement. In real time, this application is particularly suitable for purchasing departments, managers and analysts.

Proprietary VA Technology Tool


This module is used to manage the creative agency pitch and to receive all the production estimates and financial balance from suppliers by queuing them through a web interface. In the queue it is possible to transfer the individual documents to different statues: approved, rejected, pending. The systems keeps the essential information on the individual estimaters, their status and the details of those who processed them, creating a database of the actions performed and of the data presented on the documents received.


Inside this module it is possible for the players involved to create a campaign / project, numbering it and adding the key information with an approximate initial cost estimate. The economic estimate can be drawn up by creating various and personalized cost entries. Project Management will subsequentially receive the approved estimates through Approval Work Flow and will put them into the related projects. In this way it is possible to analyze the economic progress of the individual project, keeping under control any extra cost, which the system will mark clearly.


This is the module that enables suppliers to generate and manage quotes and final balance using the price list declared in the system. These documents are generated into complete, standard format. All entries placed in the single estimates are recorded in the Smartquote database to produce detailed reports for the clients. ES6 JOB and SQ have an integrated reporting module which is able to give detailed information on economic data related to any kind of project: global spending forecast, expenses related to a specific supplier and expensed related to a project entry type.


This methodology and tool enable our clients to understand the right Influencer benchmarks. This module can provide benchmarks for posts on social networks, participation in event, video shooting, photo shoot and related usage rights. The module uses the benchmarks main database as a calculation element.


FTE Ratecard Calculator. The System-Sics FRC - FTE Worldwide Ratecard calculator, allows VA Consulting to define benchmarks of the Full Time Equivalent ratecards proposed by creative agencies or application development agencies in any city and country in the globe.


Annual salary calculator. The System-6 ACS system allows you to calculate the annual salary of a resource based on the daily cost proposed by your creative agency.