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VA Consulting, a Marketing Production Consultancy company operating in all areas of advertising ATL (creative agencies, productions, post-production, etc.), BTL (Pos, events, etc.), TTL (Social media and Digital) and Digital transformation (e-commerce, website, CRM etc.), confirms its commitment to expanding its marketing investment optimization services in the Trade and Store Promotion areas.

“We help companies to coordinate the company departments involved in the process of selecting and evaluating the participants in the pitch in order to have an organic picture of the activity to be contracted that is functional to the company’s values, making costs efficient according to the objectives.

Normally, the complexity of the activities to be put in place goes beyond the competence of the individual functions, and there is a risk that the criterion of choice is only the lowest cost, leaving out other aspects that are becoming fundamental.

More and more, in fact, companies need partners who collaborate consistently with their code of ethics, following the guidelines of their social report but at the same time perform their duties with quality and effectiveness, it is no longer just a problem of lower cost, the vision HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) is now essential and can not be disconnected from the company.

All services that are entrusted to external partners will be increasingly analyzed by stakeholders and shareholders from the ethical point of view, of their consistency with ESG models and sustainability in general; it is therefore no longer acceptable an analysis that focuses purely on the cost without knowing what happens in the last ‘mile’, where the company strongly risks its image,” explains in the note Roberto La Rosa, Head of Trade analysis services.

Thanks to its network VA Consulting is able to address national and international clients and is able to support the whole process also for SMEs that need ad hoc structure and know-how.

It’s with this continuous evolution of technologies and services that the company led by CEO Alessandro Arbitrio, continues the press note, strengthens its role, combining deep knowledge in the production field to more and more accurate and innovative analysis tools. So in 2022 the commitment to understand and anticipate trends is confirmed, to allow its customers to control and improve processes aimed at maximizing the marketing budgets available.