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VA Consulting, a Marketing Production Consultancy company operating in all areas of advertising ATL (creative agencies, productions, post-production, etc.), BTL (Pos, events, etc.), TTL (Social media and Digital) and DX (Digital transformation), confirms its commitment to expanding its marketing investment optimization services in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) area.

“We are able to control and optimize complex CRM projects, so as to ensure the usability of data for the execution of various business processes in order to meet the ever-increasing investments of our customers in this area. This is not just about analyzing the creativity of DEM or Newsletters, this type of creative control and realization activity is part of our traditional services”.

Thanks to its network, VA Consulting is able to address national and international brands.

“To provide these services, we need expertise in various areas ranging from data architecture to Business Intelligence and Continuous Process Improvement to enable CRM to do trade-union operations across the several areas of the company” says Carlo Degirolamo, head of CRM analysis services.

It is with this continuous evolution of technologies and services that the company led by CEO Alessandro Arbitrio strengthens its role, combining deep knowledge in the production field to increasingly timely and innovative analysis tools.

Thus, in 2022, the commitment to understand and anticipate trends is confirmed, in order to allow its clients to control and improve the processes to maximize the marketing budget available.