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The Production Advisory & Cost Control company confirms also in 2021 investments in the expansion of the Enterprise System Sics suite

VA Consulting announces an expansion of its Enterprise System Sics suite 

VA Consulting, a Production Advisory & Cost Control company operating in all areas of advertising ATL (creative agencies, productions, post-production, etc.), BTL (Pos, events, etc.), TTL (Social media and Digital) and (DX) Digital transformation, enriches its Enterprise System-Sics suite with a CSS component (Creativity Company Search & Selection).

In April VA Consulting released a new module developed to expand and complement the services offered for research and selection not only of communication agencies, but also of operators in the creative field such as companies of production, postproduction, music production, 3D, Sustainability, Brand naming, events, Posm, Digital and Social campaigns, (DX) digital transformation, etc.

It is well known that the first step in choosing a creative agency is the research according to the campaign or activities that you intend to carry out.

The CSS module has been developed exactly to make this research quick and effective both at a national and international level and for campaigns on a full scale. To the present day, there are over 300 suppliers surveyed by VA Consulting.

The System-Sics | CSS also allows VA to effectively and quickly assist its own customers in the competitions of creative agencies, in the optimization of the whole suppliers and their price lists, in the search for new operators, always with the aim of improving their own advertising campaigns with the best companies in the sector.

It is with these tools that the company led by Alessandro Arbitrio strengthens its role, combining deep knowledge in the productive field with extremely innovative analysis tools.

The various tools have never ceased to be refined and evolved, since 2009 when the first modules of the Enterprise System-Sics were created – JOB (for real-time monitoring and reporting of marketing campaigns) and AWF (workflow tool with which VA approves and classifies about 7000 estimates per year), to which later were added Kolb (Influencer benchmarking tool) and FRC (FTE Ratecard Calculator).

So, even in 2021, VA Consulting confirms its commitment to understand and anticipate trends, to allow its own customers to control and improve processes in order to maximize the available marketing budgets. Always be one step ahead with and for its own customers.

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