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Nowadays, choosing the right agency to entrust with the creation of its own e-commerce is more important than ever for any company: these are the suggestions of VA Consulting in order to do it at best.

The lockdown period linked to Covid-19 has led to reconsider many aspects of people’s life and of business; and changes have not always been negative.

For instance, in contrast with the general trend, some market sectors have experienced a real growth boom: just think about the food and pharmaceutical ones.

In this regard, the changed users’ habits, including smart working and the greater amount of time spent consulting online contents, have recorded an increase of 20% in sales through website, leading many companies – the ones that had still not developed it – to consider adding an e-commerce platform to their website.


In a world affected by a crisis such as the ongoing one, arbitrarily trimming some sectors’ budget – without reconsidering how to relocate it – could turn out to be counterproductive, trying to get the best out of a situation like the contemporary one.

Actually, there are many companies that have cut their ATL/BTL communication (for instance for the participation to exhibitions and events, now cancelled) and that have decided to move a part of the budget intended for marketing in favour of the development of an e-commerce platform, bearing in mind that online sales are not only grown, but have involved cross-cutting sectors: from workout accessories to beauty, from food and drink to electronics, up to courses of all kinds.

To the present day, web agencies are perfectly able to develop an e-commerce platform in smart working and even an agency competition can be handled remotely, without postponement. In this case, it is fundamental to turn to a company specialized in production advisory & cost control that has the skills to support the client’s marketing department in the capacity of agency search and selection, taking care of the competition governance, to manage the relationships between client and web agency, to look at the offered service architecture, to evaluate the estimates and optimize costs.


So, why waste time? With a benchmark of reference, the Finance/Purchase department of a company will find easier to know how much money they have to earmark for the e-commerce development and how to best manage the cost. This result will be achieved also thanks to the supervision of a client-agency relationship manager, who knows how to evaluate the proposals of the participants in the competition.

Communication and sales through digital channels got a boost that will not stop at the end of the pandemic, but will become the most popular way to talk to its own target and to advertise and sell its own product.

VA Consulting, Advertising Production Advisory, with branches in Milan and Rome and customers all over the world, assist the companies in the good choice of the agency that will develop their e-commerce, in compliance with the timing, following the competition, evaluating participants and estimates, supervising the development of the platform, in such a manner that time, ways and budgets allocated are respected.

Thanks to owner tools such as System-SICS, VA Consulting always ensures a personalised approach, based on detailed analysis of the real needs and size of the client.

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