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The pitch management & agency selection criteria in the creative sector, according to VA Consulting. Now more than ever, during Covid-19 emergency, brands, managers, agencies, media, consultants, the entire advertising industry, are undergoing huge changes, implementing real revolutions in their single way of operating.

In light of recent international upheavals, the ones involved in business adv models are forced to re-parameterize their production approach strategies.

Many accepted the challenge, choosing alternative production models: shooting safely and remotely, taking advantage of the material already filmed, ensuring the on-air of effective and valuable spots for the TV channels, as the leading media to achieve a good penetration rating.

As for the pitches, is it possible to deal with them remotely?

Agencies and advertisers are more than willing to face the selection and therefore not postpone the processes until further notice

“The technologies and operating methods we have today can support us in managing the briefs remotely. It will also be important to simplify the business models supporting the pitches to optimize the assignment timing ”, says Alessandro Arbitrio, CEO of VA Consulting, the company specialized in production advisory & cost control.

“As a client-agency relationship manager it is important to understand how to support marketing in choosing the agencies to be involved in the pitch, as it is essential to guarantee a fluid and transparent process to obtain the most appropriate proposal, in line with the market benchmarks, especially in this moment of global crisis ”continues Arbitrio.

“Due to the reallocation of investments previously destined for ATL productions into recovery plans, we are experiencing a significant increase in agency pitch on new advertising projects in the digital and social area. A strategy shared also by the companies that before COVID19 had planned the realization of events or participation in trade fairs”.

“On the other hand, between streaming, e-commerce, digital news, the number of people accessing social media is clearly increasing in all age groups and our role as advisory & cost consultancy firm is also to support the customer in the management of budgets and their strategic containment “concludes Alessandro Arbitrio.

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