Engage magazine – Enterprise System-SICS

VA Consulting, Production Advisor & Cost Controller marketing procurement consultancy, confirms investments of over 10% in the IT and application development area in 2019.

As part of its activity, VA international advertising Consulting combines strong skills in all areas of advertising ATL, BTL and TTL (Social media and Digital), with benchmarking, monitoring and reporting the spending of its customers worldwide. This is the key enabler to go beyond the skills of a normal international producer and to provide the governance of projects to customers by improving efficiency and maximizing marketing budgets.
Since the creation of the Enterprise System-6 modules in 2009, namely JOB (for real-time control and reporting of marketing campaigns) and AWF (workflow tool with which VA approves and classifies about 7,000 quotes per year), these tools have continuously been improved and perfected, making it possible to classify and analyse creative production investments.

Throughout time, VA Consulting has developed two new modules in order to expand and complement the services offered: KOLB (KOL benchmarking tool) and the FRC (FTE Ratecard Calculator). These acronyms might seem incomprehensible, but let’s explain them with a word that everyone knows: influencers. The KOLB System-Sics tool, “Key Opinion Leader benchmarking” allows, in fact, to validate the economic demands of influencers for their involvement in brand awareness on all media and non-media platforms.

On the other hand, the Enterprise System-SICS FRC FTE Worldwide Ratecard calculator allows VA Consulting to define benchmarks for Full Time Equivalent ratecards proposed by creative agencies or application development agencies in any city and country in the world. Yet another innovation that proves that VA Consulting is a reality that does not stop at national borders but expands globally.

It is with these tools that the company led by Alessandro Arbitrio strengthens its role, combining extensive knowledge in the production field with extremely innovative analysis tools. Thus, in 2019, the commitment to understand and anticipate trends is confirmed, allowing customers to control and improve processes aimed at maximizing available marketing budgets.

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