The conversation is finally changing for the marketing procurement professional.
Lessons here we´re learning working side by side with them, as production advisory & cost consultants.

Marketing Procurement executives are no longer talking about savings. They are recognizing the importance of value. Conversation with their partners. Only cost savings is the wrong conversation. It is clear that performance and efficiency goes well beyond saving when it is possible to combine tactical and strategic initiatives. When fully introduced into creative content production logic, procurement can help develop more flexible, critical thinking.
Marketing nourishes growth. Investing more in what works, making money work better and focusing on what is really efficient and effective to drive top-line growth, with a clever cost management.
the four P’s: process, people, partners and performance. Zero-based budgeting is unproductive and doesn’t serve growth.
Business silos should cease, thus connecting media, creative and production. The most challenging thing that is suffocating many initiatives is the silos within organizations. The key point is the need to evolve the behavior towards a common operational line. After all, everybody have the same goal: to bring their brand to success.
To consult with best practices and to validate their decisions is critical and more powerful than similar recommendations from an internal source, such as a procurement person working on their own. A correct choice of full production advisor & cost controller is what can shift and evolve business perspective.

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