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Defining the actual role of a production advisor & cost control

What to expect when it comes to advanced optimization.

Who is an advisor & cost consultant nowadays? Or, better said, who must be?
In order to support customers optimizing advertising investments in the production of creative content, the analysis and optimization of a single project by a normal international producer / advisor – such as those related to TV commercials production – has now become “Business as Usual”.
Customers ask for more efficiency, total and real-time control of investments and a greater exchange of information with the Procurement.
This lead to more responsive working processes and, magic word: smart use of data and analytics.
Because a significant increase in efficiency in strategic areas of expenditure can only be achieved by collecting and analyzing data that can show improvable behavioral processes, thus offering actionable strategic insights.

Where most of the attention over the past few years has focused on technology selection and combination, it’s now more about capitalising and optimizing this capability.
That’s why the selection and study of these data is followed by a “root cause analysis” which can lead to Efficiency management project. The impact in terms of savings and cost avoidance is absolutely not negligible.
Here’s some concrete examples:
Studies such as the MPRD Marketing Processes / Procedures & RAM Definition and the implementation of RTSC Real Time Spending Control have led to the realization of numerous Efficency increasing projects like the MREF Marketing Reworks Efficency Factors and the PPEM Post-Production Efficiency Monitoring.

VA Consulting’s studies as production advisory & cost control firm were carried out using the Enterprise System-SICS database, which currently has a collection of approximately 120,000 estimates / final balances and 8000 ATL “Above The Line” (agencies / vendors selection, agencies pitch, TVC production, Radio production, Pre Press, Post Production, Usage Rights, FTE Ratecards, Talents), BTL “Below The Line” (POP, POS, Illustration, Logo Concept, Events & PR, Fair, Stand, Influencer, Key Opinion Leader) and TTL / Social & Digital (social campaign, social activities, web reputation, digital & social video production, app development, KOL “key opinion leader” & Influencer, AR/VR/MR, banner, website implementation, usability, contentest, SEO, Insight, DEM & Newsletter etc.) projects managed by CEO Alessandro Arbitrio of VA Consulting from 1994 to the present day. An impressive collection of information.
Once the database is used and clear and efficient projects are implemented, what’s the next step? Forecast analysis, obviously.

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