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A new collaboration dedicated to the optimization of marketing investments between the media benchmarking company and the supplier of the Integrated Spending Control System is born.

A new collaboration dedicated to optimizing marketing & media investments. Ebiquity, an independent company specialized in the field of media benchmarking and performance measurement has partnered with VA Consulting, a company active in optimizing marketing production contents and communication investments operating internationally in 35+ countries to guarantee an increasingly specific and detailed services.

Always up to date and specialized consultants

This collaboration is born as a response to ever-increasing demand from investors, to have highly specialized consultants on their side able to keep up with the fast and continuous changes in a constantly evolving environment. The optimization of investments in marketing and communication requires updates and specialization. Thanks to this partnership, Ebiquity will not only be able to offer a level of excellence media benchmarking cost management and optimization but also to provide consultancy and increasingly specialized skills aimed at ensuring control of investments in marketing and communication at 360 ° so to meet the increasingly specific needs of its customers.

A 360 ° service from the creative production contents advisory & cost control to media benchmarking

Ebiquity deepens its knowledge of optimization services, advisory & cost negotiation from creative agencies selection, creative agencies picht, TV and radio commercials, pre-press, press, usage rights, digital & social campaigns,social activities,material and point-of-sale events, PR up to media investments in the relevant areas. A 360 ° service, in short. On the one hand, Ebiquity carries out a careful performance verification analysis, on the other VA Consulting provides to its customers a unique offer in the panorama of cost controllers: the Enterprise System-SICS (Integrated Spending Control System) to give customers governance to improve efficiency with data & reporting. This system implements a framework/workflow for the control and approval of expenditure and a system of precise classification of estimates / final balances of creative agencies and suppliers operating for the customers. Ebiquity & VA Consulting, finally, can boast a fundamental source of national and international benchmarking.

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